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packing For those of us who love to pack into the backcountry, much as our pioneer ancestors did, a method of travel and transporting of goods is practiced that comes from those long ago days. In keeping with this tradition, our products resemble that period of time as much as possible.

My wife, Donna, and I are fortunate to experience those old ways to some degree every day, in that we live in the mountains in  a log home with woodburning stoves and a fireplace as our only source of heat. The view from our log shop is awesome. From my sewing machine I can see the mountains and meadows where I watch the deer, elk and wild turkeys share space with my nine mules and horses. Even our dogs, Max and Megan, seem to accept the wildlife's intrusiveness without much concern. I must confess that waiting for the snow to melt on millions of acres of wilderness surrounding us, gets me thinking about trading this sewing machine seat for a good mule and a string behind me.

As to those high country trips, my fondest memories are the trips that Donna and I took with our daughters who were raised on saddle and pack mules and had a love for the wilderness instilled in them. I'd like to think that the quality that goes into our pack equipment is such that it'll be passed down to future generations with the knowledge that they will carry on the pioneer tradition of packing.

Larry Difani
new baby mule
~ Belle ~
Preparing for the next generation of packers, our grandchildren.

" It's kind of a sad thing when a normal love of country
makes you a super patriot.  I do think we have a pretty wonderful
country and I thank God that He chose me to live here."
John Wayne